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Accelerating Application Development Requires a New Way of Thinking.

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Lite Integration ™

Allow for connection to multiple data sources


Build once, run any where: Mobile, Tablet, PC

Enterprise Enabled

Authentication with all security providers


Model driven architecture. Software for Business Users




Eliminate the need for multiple programming languages, complex skill sets, long time frames, and high costs.

Blu Marbl - Vinyl


With Vinyl™, create beautiful yet powerful and complex Enterprise ready apps in weeks instead of months with traditional development methods.

The no-code solution Zudy offers means that non-IT staff and IT resources alike can use an intuitive IDE to build highly-complex applications which link, automate, draw out information, and integrate with all data sources in your enterprise landscape from literally hundreds of enterprise applications.

About BluMarbl

Preferred Vinyl™ EMEA Reseller and Implementation Partner

20+ Years of Delivering Enterprise Software Solutions

Experts in Business System Transformation, Digitalization, and Process Design and Optimization

Solution Architect-based services organization

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