The founder of BluMarbl, Andrew Luckett, a pioneer in zero-emission transportation solutions, is making waves at leading industry events, advocating for the decarbonisation of the coach industry. Through insightful talks at notable gatherings, Andrew is propelling the conversation on sustainable transport forward.

Key speaking engagements include:

  • Sustainable Road Transport 2024: Highlighting the shift to zero emissions in road transport.
  • CPT Scotland Annual Conference: Discussing decarbonization strategies specific to Scotland’s coach industry.
  • UK Guild of Coach Operators: Exploring the adoption of zero-emission vehicles in coach fleets.
  • Smart Transport Conference 2023: Addressing the integration of technology in sustainable mobility (Smart Transport Conference 2023).
  • Lunch with Leon Podcast: Sharing personal journeys and visions for a greener transport sector (Lunch with Leon Podcast | website-1 (

Through these platforms, the BluMarbl founder emphasizes collaboration and innovation as key drivers for transitioning to zero-emission transport, underscoring the company’s leadership in fostering a sustainable future for the coach industry.