A Vinyl™ Case Study With iHeart Media

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iHeart Media, a global media company, could no longer operate using the multiple spreadsheets and documents to manage their large multi-market Endorsement business. We put together a case study to show how Endorsements revenue increased by 30% after Vinyl was implemented.

What we talk about

How we are able to leverage data from existing systems and applications to deliver robust business applications.

How we enabled users to securely enter and manage data in Vinyl™ that was previously not visible to management.

Understanding the value of a well designed User Interface (UI), and the impact it can have on streamlining your business.

In 38 hours, an application was built connecting 4 of iHeart’s cloud-based data sources and 1 on-premise server without a single line of code. Read how the Vinyl Endorsement app enables teams to provide Managers options for Talent Endorsements within seconds, eliminating their prior issue that led to missed revenue.

Global media company maximises revenue stream in less than 1 week using Vinyl™

To discover how iHeart Media achieved 30% revenue increase after implementing Vinyl(tm), you can download the full case study here!