A Vinyl™ Case Study With National Express Transport Solutions


Safety and compliance are top priorities for transport companies. So we put together a case study to show how we helped National Express Transport Solutions create an industry first dashboard using VINYL™, a high productivity application platform (hpaPaaS).

What we talk about

How we are able to leverage data from existing systems and applications to deliver robust business applications.

How we enabled users to securely enter and manage data in Vinyl™ that was previously not visible to management.

Understanding the value of a well designed User Interface (UI), and the impact it can have on streamlining your business.

Using Vinyl’s Lite Integration™, BluMarbl were able to solve the challenges of multiple and diverse systems to deliver NETS an industry first dashboard that integrates 8 different systems.

“Four days manual effort a month have been saved alone preparing the meetings for statutory compliance using Vinyl™”

To discover how we helped NETS build an industry first dashboard for Safety and Compliance, you can download the full case study by filling in the form below:

Download National Express Transport Solutions compliance case study here!