A Vinylâ„¢ Case Study With PGT Trucking Inc.

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PGT Trucking faced the challenge of extending the life of their legacy AS/400 ERP system. They did this by buying off the shelf solutions that ultimately caused disconnected processes and limited their ability to effectively customize the critical areas of their business that required differentiation to succeed.

Using Vinyl’s powerful Lite Integration, they were able to connect to their primary AS/ 400 system, and in minutes their business-critical data was being read in a relational format for the very first time.

What we talk about

How we are able to leverage data from existing systems and applications to deliver robust business applications.

How we enabled users to securely enter and manage data in Vinylâ„¢ that was previously not visible to management.

Understanding the value of a well designed User Interface (UI), and the impact it can have on streamlining your business.

Read how PGT’s custom-built VINYL applications have realised hundreds of hours in time savings and have allowed PGT to unlock crucial insights from data, leading to meaningful increases in margin and productivity.

“Vinyl has enabled PGT to extend the life and enhance the value of our existing legacy systems while allowing us to take advantage of modern technology. We are now solving problems and accessing our data in ways that we previously didn’t think were possible.”

Chief Administration Officer, PGT Trucking

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