BluMarbl have been working with the CPT on their Zero Emissions Coach Taskforce which today delivered its Coach Route to Destination Zero Report to Parliament (ZECT launch in Parliament | CPT (, hosted by Member of Parliament Nigel Evans.  The report was the culmination of the taskforces second phase to explore and identify potential solutions to Net Zero.

In its report the coach sector committed to providing operational data to the BluMarbl project and exploring funding options to deliver the project’s objectives in their entirety to produce data on how coaches travel and make recommendations for infrastructure investment.

Through collecting and analysing Coach Operators telematics data BluMarbl are able to find insights into the industry’s working patterns.

The project aims to:

  • Collect robust and up to date operational information on the coach sector which will help manufacturers develop zero emission technologies. This data will also provide a valuable insight for policy makers into how the coach sector operates and the services delivered;
  • Develop a complete map of where coaches are travelling to and the ranges of these journeys to assist recommendations for future infrastructure investments, such as Project Rapid and to incentivise attractions across the UK to install charging infrastructure;
  • Identify which services can be delivered on a zero emission coach, and what is needed in order for the remaining journeys to transition;
  • Assess the benefits of increasing the axle weight and transitional solutions such as low carbon fuels;
  • Provide a toolset that operators of all sizes can use to analyse their work patterns and work requirements, compare the use of zero emission vehicles with their diesel equivalents including capital and operational costs and calculate return on investment;
  • Provide a valuable insight for policy makers into establishing a fair subsidy that incentivises operators whilst also providing value to the tax payer.

Download the report here: zect-coach-route-to-destination-zero-report-final.pdf (