BluMarbl announced as official EMEA Zudy® Partner at TechEd2019 New Orleans

Thanks to Zudy® for putting on a fantastic TechEd2019 in New Orleans.  It was a great success with fantastic user stories at the ‘ZU’ Zudy® user forum including our very own Digital Transformation in Travel user story, as well as the chance to catchup on Platform developments.

More on this later but first we were extremely proud that BluMarbl were announced to the Zudy® community by Martyn Mason and the Zudy® management team as OFFICIAL ZUDY® PARTNERS for the EMEA region.

We are extremely pleased to be working closely with Zudy® and all their employees, and excited to be introducing the Zudy® Vinyl™ high productivity application platform as a service (hpaPaaS) into our Digital Transformation toolset.

TechEd2019 also provided the chance to meet and mingle with the Zudy® development team.  We were able to hear all about the new features such as the exciting UI/UX capabilities that allow for applications that truly match your organisations corporate style guidelines.  Also up for discussion were more impressive ‘out of the box’ data connectors allowing easy integrations to AI toolsets APIs, as well as other enterprise staples such as O365 and SharePoint and many others.

A favourite scenario, discussed with one of our customers, will be to record the attendees and actions of operator licence compliance meetings (as well as the legal compliance data already presented from multiple data systems using Vinyl™), capture this in PDF format and then have the attendees accept the content using DocuSign’s APIs and post the approved documentation on the business’ SharePoint!

As well as dozens of Vinyl™ themed breakout sessions and workshops there were also some fantastic Keynotes to mention.

It is hard not to be motivated to work hard and succeed after listening to Liz Murray tell her incredible story “Homeless to Harvard” and unforgettable was the leadership keynote from former Mayor of New Orleans Mitch Landrieu.  His stories around rebuilding The Big Easy after Katrina were inspirational. You can never be reminded enough times that it is quite OK to surround yourself with people smarter than yourself (in fact it is recommended) and NEVER to feel afraid to put your hand up and say “I’m sorry I did not understand what you just said… and either do I think did anyone else in this room!”.  Most of us will never be in such an important position making sure that the Chiefs of Police and Fire Department understand each other, but it is a powerful lesson, nonetheless.

Next up was Barney Pell tell us about his experience implementing AI with NASA, Microsoft amongst others. Great to hear how NASA was able to pioneer AI on the Deep Space One mission and to support the Mars Exploration Rovers mission, but equally good to hear how us humans still have our own role to play in the future of technology.

The take home for us was learning just how quickly and easily AI can provide value to enable human users to do their jobs more efficiently, and that by moving incrementally you are able to allow AI to learn from human intelligence and then remove the mundane and repetitive actions from your workforces lives.  For instance, categorising feedback, you want your employees that understand your business’ domain to make definitions, but once defined you want AI to do the number crunching. This saves money on resources when scaling up operations as well as allowing your top assets, your people, to work on the next innovation.  Think how this approach may work within your business, and then how a high productivity application platform such as Vinyl™ can make it happen.

And of course, it was fantastic to hear ‘Listenary’ and Zudy® founder Tom Kennedy hold court in a fireside chat.

Tom has been building rapid application development platforms since the 70’s and has continued to evolve and be at the forefront of this technology space.

When it comes to understanding the value of your data and what it is possible to do with it, Tom is your man!

Last but not least we tip our hats to The Big Easy itself.  As a conference venue New Orleans never disappoints, even when it is not Mardi Gras or when it is raining! Known for its round-the-clock nightlife, vibrant live-music scene and spicy, singular cuisine reflecting its history as a melting pot of French, African and American cultures, it provides the perfect opportunity to relax and socialise with team members, customers and vendors alike.

So all in all a very successful conference. We thank Zudy® again for the excellent organisation and content and look forward to #TechEd2020.

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