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We have helped our customers unlock value and deliver transformation in multiple industries and areas, here is a breakdown of our key markets.


Overreaching and touching all of our markets, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns have been in peoples minds for some time.  What is now becoming more widely understood is that having an ESG strategy and acting upon it will also grow sales, reduce costs, stop regulatory interventions from disrupting business and attract both talent and investment.

At the crux of this is identifying, integrating and utilising data.  Not only to report to stakeholders but more importantly to trigger workflow to take action

Whether it is the sustainability of your supply chain, reducing waste through it’s visibility, tracking the environmental impact of your vehicles journeys and reducing your carbon footprint,  BluMarbl consultants have the experience to help you build and implement your ESG strategy, utilising your data sources to take actions to create value.


Leaders in energy transition, BluMarbl work with the largest provider of zero emission public transport vehicles outside of China

With our deep understanding and experience of building energy models and charging strategies from working with partners such as The Mobility House and understanding battery usage we can help you unlock value with your zero emission strategy

We provide the logic and toolsets to take the risk out of your transition to hydrogen or electric whilst maximising profits


BluMarbl have delivered applications in many areas of the transportation arena.

We have integrated over 30 different applications and standards to create solutions for Compliance, Operations, On-time performance, Payroll, P&L, Planning and Scheduling, Engineering and Lost Property.

We leverage existing systems that you find core to your business, improve their data quality and provide custom functionality to plug the gaps.

We provide mobile applications to drivers and passengers that use real time data and also publish data to government sources.

Supply Chain

We have provided our clients with visibility of their supply chain, leading to higher on –time deliveries as well as a reduction of waste in the process.

Working with end users we provide them user friendly mobile native applications to manage their inventory levels that standard ERP tools do not provide.

Experts in integrations and communicating orders we also provide a portal for suppliers and customers where orders, invoices and despatch notices can be sent electronically and clients can view the status of their orders as well as quality assurance checks.


BluMarbl have helped customers build tailored solutions that greatly speed up the time needed to:

  • Clean up master data and financial data in preparation for migration to SAP
  • Enable the review, analysis, and bulk changes of material master data
  • Consolidate financial reporting by integrating multiple non-SAP systems with core SAP financial data
  • Financial data mapping for replication to Central Finance

General Ledger, Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables reconciliation of replication to Central Finance.

Using an SAP approved connector, you can modernise and future-proof SAP by improving operations, extracting value by customising SAP processes, migrate to S/4HANA, and pull other disparate or disconnected systems and data together to enable a complete internal ecosystem.

Our low-code platform VINYL does not care where your data is. It can read AND write to it in a managed, safe and secure way. Whether it be Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, DB2 or dozens of other data sources, we can connect them together and extend your applications with workflow without moving it from the source.

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