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Slide After 25 years of DELIVERING back office systems to MULTI-NATIONALS in Europe, I was looking for a way to contribute more directly to CUSTOMERS' core business. ANKO IN THE WORDS OF OUR EXPERTS Sr. Solution Architect Slide Working for BLUMARBL has given me the opportunity to build LEADING edge applications relevant to everyday people’s lives. My wife finally understands what I do at work! ANKO
IN THE WORDS OF OUR EXPERTS Sr. Solution Architect

The Platform

BluMarbl are official partners with Jitterbit, creators of Vinyl, the only 5 star low-code rapid application development platform powerful enough for full stack developers and intuitive enough for citizen developers.

Vinyl, architected for the global enterprise, value-priced for the mid-market, entry-level pricing for start-ups.

According to research by Gartner, low-code application building is one of the most promising segments within the IT software sector. Using low-code, companies can empower a much broader group of professional to lead digital innovation, speeding up tech-driven advancements and digital transformation efforts.

As a result, Gartner predicts that by 2024 more than 65% of all app development functions will be based on low code.

Licensed reseller of Vinyl by Jitterbit

Providing seamless interface for:

  • Platform support
  • Platform upgrades
  • License compliancy
  • Training enrolment

Vinyl resource provider

Experienced, certified Vinyl Architects & Developers to:

  • Architect solutions
  • Develop applications
  • Support Citizen Developers
  • Enhance User Experience


Create beautiful yet powerful and complex Enterprise-ready apps in weeks instead of the months required by traditional development methods.

Unlimited Applications, Unlimited Users
Latest Enterprise Security Features
Full Stack: UX, Business Process and Data for High Speed Development
Integrate with ANY Application and use ALL data
Innovate Quickly, Reduce the IT Backlog




Eliminate the need for multiple programming languages, complex skill sets, long time frames, and high costs.

Project Delivery

  • User engagement
    • Employee profiling
    • Employee journeys
    • User story creation
  • Scrum Master & Product Owner fulfilment
  • Iterative approach
  • Monthly showcases
  • Sponsor engagement
  • Integration with IT
  • Test process

AI Solutions

BluMarbl use our Rapid Application Development Platform Vinyl to connect and curate the data from your business, short cutting the pipeline process and ingestion time for data, thus reducing compute power required.

Through understanding, enriching and relating the data, we are able to focus on key attributes more quickly and repeatably expose data in an easily digestible JSON format that tools like TensorflowJS and IBM Watson can use to build and train predictive models.

Our Vinyl Applications then bring the theory to life by querying the completed models in real-time with your business data, allowing prescriptive workflow to make decisions that add value.


Machine Learning

Advanced Analytics

Visual Recognition

Deep Learning

Data Visualisation

Natural Language Understanding



  • Solution/Platform support
  • Support Portal (in Vinyl of course!)
    • Direct SSO link from Application to request support
    • Easy integration with modern support tools (ServiceNow/Jira etc)
  • Daily check service
  • Flexible packages available
  • Enhancement support service
  • Assistance for Citizen Developers
  • 24/7 support available

Contact us for more information on your custom support solution

Cloud Hosting

Fully Hosted Solution for All Your Vinyl Environments

  • Scalable Infrastructure
  • Performance Monitoring
  • On-Demand Upgrades
  • Sand box and Training environments
  • Dockerised solution for fast deployments

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