There are millions and millions of articles and blogs talking about digital transformation, or digital business transformation, containing anything from the blueprint to transformation success, to the most common pitfalls to avoid. The world has become so flooded with “digital transformation” that it is truly losing its meaning, and I have personally seen many senior executives roll their eyes at its mention.

The reality is it’s not about businesses simply implementing the latest shiny technology, it is about taking a holistic view of your business focusing on Strategy & Innovation, Leadership & Organisation, Speed & Agility, People & Change, Customer Engagement, and Technology. Through this holistic analysis, you can identify opportunities where technology will improve or enhance capabilities to support new or existing products and services for existing customers, and reaching new customers.

It is about ensuring that your organisation is best placed to hold off the challenges from digital savvy start ups, agile enough to pivot to the needs of your customers, and fast enough to offer products and services demanded by new and current customers.

True Business Transformation is optimising internal business organisation and processes, utilising all available data including any disparate systems, facilitating innovation, and agility to respond to customer needs at pace. With the rate of disruption across all industries, businesses can ill afford to wait the traditionally long time frames of months or years to respond to changes in the market place, while competitors or disrupters are advancing.

Businesses need their problems solved at speed and low cost. At BluMarbl, we make solving YOUR business problems affordable by offering experts in delivering and optimising enterprise initiatives that generate real business improvement. We develop tailored solutions in an industry leading Rapid Application Development platform that delivers at x10 the speed of traditional development.

Cost effective delivery at the speed and agility demanded by your business delivering True Business Transformation.

Contact BluMarbl today to discuss how we can accelerate your digital transformation and solve your most challenging business problems at low cost.

Tony Muratore
Director Digital Strategy & Product