The much anticipated upgrade to Vinyl is now available containing 87 new features, some of which we will highlight below, and 35 new source integrations and 126 upgrades.

New features and functionality in Vinyl 3.0 include:

Native Mobile for iOS & Android

Publishing a Vinyl application to the App Store is simple and easy. Native controls on the phone have been further integrated for an enhanced mobile experience.

  • Enhanced mobile experience
  • Advanced mobile security
  • Native push notifications within applications

Visual Builder – Drag & Drop Capabilities

Data is the single most important aspect of an application. Harness the power of any data source through the Visual Builder featuring drag and drop capabilities. Create simple or complex expressions, execute rules and build validations. The quick grid panel type allows real time data to be previewed seamlessly as you create business rules and logic.

  • Visual query builder
  • Drag and drop capability
  • Real time results

Intelligent Workflow

Vinyl guides users through a consistent database and application development methodology. Once connected to a data source, Vinyl guides you through smart table creation and design. Data source connections are made easier, and integrations are faster. Over 45 data sources have a guided workflow for easy set up. Pages have templates to help users quickly get started with simple or robust layouts. Application Home pages are automatically created and ready to customize.

  • Guided process wizards
  • Data source integration set up in minutes
  • Design database-driven pages in seconds

Customizable Site Menu & 1-Click Build an App

A fully customizable Site Menu that allows you to quickly tailor look and feel to reflect your company brand identity. Utilize the 1-click build application button to easily build an app fast. Organize applications into logical groups and customize the look and feel.

  • 1-Click Build Application Button
  • Fully customizable logos and imagery
  • Group and organize all applications
  • Links to commonly used actions

Application Workbench

The Application Workbench provides developers quick and easy access to all commonly used components of Vinyl. The Workbench keeps you in-context of an application to accelerate navigation across the application development stack. Recently created tables, business rules and pages are now front and center. Quickly preview the results of your table, business rule or page within one click.

  • Easy access to all Vinyl layers
  • In-context development across tables, business logic and pages
  • Quickly view recently changed objects
  • Full stack development in the context of a single application

Faster Ways to Navigate

A new vertical navigation menu is available for developers to be one click away from all aspects of the Integrated Development Environment. We introduce layouts with tabbed panels for quick and in-context transition to Vinyl’s most commonly used pages and components.

  • Vertical navigation for developers
  • Tab or toggle capability

These are just some of the features in a very impressive update by Zudy to the only 5 star Low-Code/No-code Application Development Platform.

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