Digital transformation has certainly become a buzz-word, and it definitely means different things to different executives and organisations. One constant is the pace at which organisations want to digitally transform. Whether this means building and implementing applications to support internal processes, the latest customer focused technologies, or everything in between, the common struggle is the stress such large business changes place on IT resources.

Enter High Productivity Application Development, also known as Multi-Experience Development Platform (MXDP), or No-code/Low-code application development. Using platforms, such as Zudy’s VINYL, users (developers, SMEs, or citizen developers) can utilise all of the data within an organisation to create complex enterprise ready applications in days or weeks.

It’s fairly easy to see why these types of platforms are quickly becoming popular. These tools simplify the app development process by providing users with easy drop-down menus and intuitive point and click interfaces to build apps without coding. And this generates some key advantages:

Speed of delivery:

Businesses are highly dynamic where the needs of customers and stakeholders are frequently changing. Therefore, it’s crucial for users to be able to adjust strategies in real time with the needs of the customer and business.

Using a platform that can have apps built at the speed to which the business needs it will enable a focus on more innovative methods to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. Applications can be built in days or weeks, substantially shorter than traditional software development methods.

In addition to being fast and low cost, IT resources normally drowning under an impossible pipeline will be free to focus on combining VINYL with other advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, internet of things/everything, etc. that can push the digital transformation further.

Match demand:

Walk into most organisations and you will find users who wish they had an application to make their job easier and faster. There is always a demand within organisations for an app to resolve a bottleneck in a process, and this is the reason why IT pipelines can grow to unsurmountable levels.

It isn’t enough to spit out apps, there also needs to be a focus on the quality and performance of any apps being built to service a customer. However, once the key data is correctly structured and in place, rapid app development allows for apps to be built at the speed to match the demand.

Reduce dependency on technical professionals:

Software developers can be expensive, especially good ones. It’s possible to reduce cost and outsource or “offshore” this capability, however this can often lead to other issues and ultimately an app delivered that doesn’t completely deliver on the original intention or requirement.

However, with High Productivity App Development platforms business users or Subject Matter Experts can themselves design, develop and deploy apps that work in exactly the way that they require.

In years past high productivity (or no-code/low-code) app development platforms have generally had the reputation that they can only be used to build simplistic apps. In recent years platforms like Zudy’s VINYL have not only built complex enterprise-ready apps, but also built to seamlessly integration with all major external systems such as SAP, Salesforce and SuccessFactors, with the ability to read and write to multiple systems in real time.

This capability, paired with the speed to delivery, flexibility and low costs provides businesses of all sizes from all industries with a powerful alternative to traditional software methods or expensive platforms.

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Tony Muratore
Director Digital Transformation Strategy & Advisory

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